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ZyPer simplifies video distribution.

Distribute HD to UHD/4K video with ZyPer. 

Flexible. Scalable. Reliable.

ZyPer IP based multi-source to multi-screen solutions fully eliminate the need for expensive and complicated proprietary switching equipment, instead utilizing off the shelf, standard industry Ethernet switches products. Offering installers a better choice when it comes to deploying HD-UHD/4K video, ZeeVee delivers virtually unlimited scalability by avoiding the input/output restrictions and fixed matrix architecture of conventional switching solutions.

ZyPer Solutions

  • ZyPer4K: Distribute and share uncompressed video (1080p or 4K/UHD), 7.1 digital or analog audio, and control connected peripherals with RS232 or Infrared, using standard 10Gb Ethernet switches and cables up to 25 miles away 
  • ZyPerHD: Allows for the easy distribution and switching of high definition H.264 compressed video, audio, and other data signals using ZyPerHD encoder and decoder modules and off-the-shelf Gigabit network switches.
  • ZyPerMX: Encodes video and audio using H.264/MPEG-4 encoding for maximum compatibility
  • ZvMXE: A high performance IP Set Top Box


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