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ZeeVee AV Over IP Training 

Earn up to 3.5 CTS credits towards InfoComm Certification by completing Training. 

Upcoming AV over IP and AV over RF Training Sessions:


Cincinnati, October 17th

Cleveland, October 18th

Detroit, October 19th

Additional training dates and locations will be added. 

We are also offering an RF modulation course immediately following the IP course for anyone interested in staying. Attendees will earn an additional 1 CTS credits for completing this course.

2.5 CTS Credits
AV over IP Course Description: The training course will be structured around active user involvement, with an emphasis on participant interaction and hands-on learning. The course covers the basics of IP as an introductory phase – covering topics such as the 7-layer OSI reference model, IP addressing and switching technologies. The course then provides hands-on training with the ZeeVee ZyPer4K digital distribution system. Attendees physically interact with the ZyPer4K equipment to install, configure, and deploy a fully functional IP video distribution system.

1 CTS Credits 
RF over Coax Training Course Description:
The training course teaches how to design and install a multi channel RF distributed HD and SD video system using RF modulation over simple coax cable.

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Los Angeles (Orange County), November 7th

Los Angeles (Burbank), November 8th & 9th

London, November 15 & 16